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Why I’ll leave your website immediately…

Its not called an internet ‘Browser’ for nothing…. you are competing for the glances of potential customers and you have to do so in a matter of seconds (maximum of 10 seconds to be precise, see graph). Not only do you need to catch customer attention visually but customers need to understand what you are selling almost instantly. If not clear they will move on…

It is important that you look at your website from an outsiders perspective and look to see if it’s instantly clear what you’re offering.


Weibull hazard function showing the probability that users will leave a Web page at time t if they have already stayed for t seconds.


This said, as users hurry on through page after page, they have little time to read much more than a quarter of the text on the pages they actually visit. So, you can see how important it is that your page is clear and concise as little of what you say on your website will be read.

A great example of a website which captures attention and clearly states it’s value proposition can be seen below:



‘Blogger’ have managed to very quickly make it clear to the potential customer what it is that they do, starting by making it about the customer….’publish your passions, your way’… they relate their product to the viewer and then explain, very clearly, what they offer… ‘create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free’. 

In contrast…



This webpage is unclear and inefficient. You are greeted by a pop-up (tip: do not be tempted by pop-ups… all they truly do is annoy your prospective customer). You are then looking straight at a page full of specialist language that a large majority of viewers will not understand. Not only is there more writing than one could read within the magic 10 seconds, but most of these will mean very little to them….

So… in summary, keep it simple, keep it clear, keep it personable…