Shaking hands in an agreement at a business meeting

Trust: Be accessible

Trust is core to a successful business, if nobody trusts you then why would they spend money with you? This week I want to talk about building trust with customers and potential customers in a 5 part email series.

Communication is core to trust. Customers are going to have queries which will want answering and your team needs to be available – quickly and efficiently. If not you will lose credibility as customers will not trust you’re there for them.

Here are the top five ways companies make themselves accessible?

1. Maintain regular interaction

Start by spending time understanding customers to gain insight for content that will have impact. Next we need to create company rules explaining how you will maintain communication with the customer. Only now can we apply tactics such as writing a blog, creating a mailing list, publishing social media updates, writing regular consumer interest reports,  delivering webinars, releasing youtube video updates, building an app that sends push notifications, press releases, research papers etc…

2. Answer questions

Have a number of ways that your customer can get answers. This could be through a Q&A page, a contact us page, direct phone communication or online chat.

Fast response times, quality answers, consistent responses and lots of delivery methods are key.

3. Get other people to answer questions for you

Using your community to help respond to questions… they are your best advocates and supporters! Here you could setup things like public forums or product reviews/testimonies. Consider… why do you buy from a site that has great reviews …?

4. Specific points of contact for all enquiry types

Make the customer feel like they always know how to get in touch with you.

What do you do when you have a question or a problem? Go to the website/contact us page, bottom of a utility bill, customer helpline… direction is given to get you to the right place to get the best support possible. Take the example of booking a cinema ticket by phone, you are greeted with a list of numbers to direct you to the best person or option to support your need, these VOIP systems can be setup easily by small companies in 2018.

… Make it very clear how and where they need to go to get dedicated support.

5. Organise events so people can meet you in person

Having a face to a name always reassures people. We recently attended MW live – a massive marketing conference, meeting companies and talking to them about their products and services. It was a great way to learn about the marketing space and the people which make things happen in their companies. Why not find some events that best reflect your industry and say hello to potential customers and competitors?