How do Clients Decide to Buy

Clients typically base their actual hiring decisions on the following:

A professional service provider’s experience in the client’s industry or business
Some industries may need significant base knowledge before you can enter them. Let’s say you’re a tech team and you’re looking to build an accounting system, it would help if you’re team understands accounting. Take our business. We know many of our clients are trying to break into tech or grow their business, this is why we do blogs on how to start a business and how to grow a business. You need to find out how to tell your potential clients that you’re an expert in their industry.

Overall cost or fees
Clients are running a business, they need to know how much your service costs and it can also help to frame this cost in a way they understand or that works with their business. Consider, some clients may be looking for the cheapest and be looking to save, so starting with a high cost may put them off. Other clients may be looking for highly competent people so starting with a low cost may make you look inexperienced.

Experience in the specific area where the client needs help
It helps to prove to your clients that you understand their business or the job you are looking to do for them. Take this Insights resource by ITrex. Obviously one thing it does is help people learn to do what we do, and we love that. But it also helps us tell our clients what we know.

Overall value the professional service provider can deliver
Explaining why a client should choose you is hard. It takes a skilled sales person with many years experience to really understand how to sell something to someone. It’s even harder to do this through the abstraction of the internet. This is why it can really help to find a sales oriented development team and/or a team that knows how to learn using data if you’re looking to sell your service online. Offline we believe you’re looking for people that are skilled in sales and the area you are looking to promote your services offline.

The variety of services offered by the professional service provider
Showing a potential client or customer what other services you offer is key to keeping clients long term that are looking to grow with you. Take apple for example. They have a whole suite of products that all work very well together and you trust as a customer that they are working hard to keep bringing you more and more integrated services. You want the same from your business service provider. You want a service provider that is looking to grow with you.

Written proposal
Some clients make their decision on the written proposal. So being articulate and listening to their requirements is key. Don’t underestimate the value of really understanding someone. Listen, take notes and research. Demonstrate you care with actions.

Proximity of the service provider to the client’s premises
Some people want to work with people close by. This is obviously up to them and can be for many valid reasons. As a digital provider there can also be value to teaching a client that they can get similar or even better quality from people close by or further away. This is true if a team is well organised and contact hours with the team you’re looking to hire are kept to a minimum.

The quality of the service provider’s website
Obviously first impressions count. This is where we come in much of the time. Hiring a great team to help polish and improve your first impression can be critical. Websites are like cars, you can get your £150 website from an online store. or you can get a top of the line supercar. However, it’s rarely about finding a company that will build you a sports car, it’s more akin to aligning yourself with a great rally team and letting them slowly mod your Town car into a championship rally car. That’s why  ITrex works with people over time. It helps us to keep costs lower, understand your business, and help you evolve when you need to evolve.


Takeaway: Think about why your customers choose you and evolve with them.