Find a Gap and Stick Your Foot in it

To make it big, find a gap and quickly capitalise on it. To do this with your website you need to be careful to do two things.

  1. Make sure anything you do is setup to be measured
  2. Focus on moving forward and improving not creating a monolith and standing still

The message surrounding measurement is a key one. If you’re not measuring you are flying blind. We have another post on this.

Focusing on moving forward is a little trickier to understand. Most of ITrex’s clients come to us with a simple request, ‘We want a website to do X’. Let’s break this down. If your client is very technology competent and is just looking for a delivery partner then we will just do as we are asked. But most times they are not. They are contacting us so we can advise, consult and help their business move forward with the best technology. This can be a problem.

Let’s say they see their friends with a WordPress website for example. Their friend is in a similar business but it’s not the same. Their friend is making money with this website and they want to do the same. This is great for their friend. It has worked for them. But that does not mean it will work for the client. Not at all. Our job or responsibility as a technologist is to listen to the last part of the statement ‘We want a website to do X’, the ‘to do X’ part, and not the first part. We need to listen to this part in detail and really understand. If we are the ones that have seen 100s of websites and platforms for creating things, we may have a much better, cheaper or simpler process to get X! And it’s our responsibility to show the client that we can get X a different way.

Moving fast with technology
We also need to take into account how deep a client is into their business journey. Have they found the gap and their just shoring up their semi fortified position? In which case we can look to create something that can evolve more slowly. The client has already successfully planted their foot squarely in the gap.

But if the client is just starting their technical journey, or they are not sure about their niche or they are looking to grow into new niches then we need to pick their technology responsibly.

Finally there is the startup case, the idea, niche and more is still under development. In this case we can even suggest not building anything and using other platforms as the testing framework. For example, a startup estate agent may want to test their market using AirBnB rather than spending £1000s on custom software!


Takeaway: Move fast with technology