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by Stuart McCamley

Find a Profitable Niche

To find a profitable niche you can start by looking at: Burning need Is there an intense need, are your prospective clients/customers screaming out for your solution to their problem? Are they concerned enough with the problem that given a solution they would be throwing their bank card at you with a smile. Frequency of […]

by Stuart McCamley

Don’t be a Generalist

There is considerable value in some CEOs being expert generalists. However when selling the services of your business messages need to be clearer and targeted. If you’re at your local GP and talking about your serious back injury, you’re hoping that your going to get a referral to a  medical practitioner who specialises in treating back […]

by Stuart McCamley

Find a Gap and Stick Your Foot in it

To make it big, find a gap and quickly capitalise on it. To do this with your website you need to be careful to do two things. Make sure anything you do is setup to be measured Focus on moving forward and improving not creating a monolith and standing still The message surrounding measurement is […]

by Stuart McCamley

General Marketing Messages Don’t Work for You

Language is key to sales, we see general language all day, every day…. Nike ‘just do it’ Apple ‘Think different’ etc.. That works if you already know what a company is and what they stand for, it serves as a simple and cute reminder that they are still there and still doing what they love […]

by Stuart McCamley

Multiple Niche Products?

In a previous article we talked about selling to only one person/customer/niche. But you want to sell to more? Sure you can do that but if you are and you want to see growth in both area you need to really consider what you’re doing. Regardless of what you think, selling to two niches for […]

Shaking hands in an agreement at a business meeting
by Stuart McCamley

Sell to fewer people, make more money

If you’re struggling to gain clients or customers at the rate you feel you should be please be patient and read this whole article. Over the years I have tried to share this piece of information with many people but alas I have failed almost every time. Maybe it’s because I am poor at explaining […]