Two carpets sold from a client website and mobile website we support. We also develop additional features for their website and support the systems administration and hosting.

Supporting E-Commerce

In 2017 we started pushing our monthly support service as the primary product by ITrex. The idea was that all of our clients could now fall under the same structure. A year later and it’s been the best switch we’ve ever done. Higherground was our very first client to work with us on this new model.

About Higherground

Higherground is a high end shop which specialises in selling carpets, wood flooring, rugs and stair runners. Their MD, Gerard is one of those directors that you know you can trust. His showroom is polished to perfection. His attention to detail on client work is incredible and the products they pick to sell in store are always quality. For these reasons they also needed to present that quality online and have a team that looked after their technology every day and was their to help them grow. They have always had the ambition to grow and the desire to expand their reach online. This was an incredible responsibility and it was important for us to deliver at the same level of quality that his customers expected from him.

How we have helped so far


Working with Higherground and their creative agency Warren Creative we have made it our responsibility to ensure their web technologies deliver and grow their business. Over the last year we have helped them evolve their website from what was a series of static pages all the way to a fully featured e-commerce website.


Each month we have improved the Higherground website. We have increased the speed of their website so now it one of the fastest supplier sites in this domain online. This speed improvement has helped website management, it’s improved customer experience and it’s helping every day with SEO rankings from google.

Since the speed improvement we have seen user session duration improve by around 30%.

Each month we have also helped the company manage products and grow it’s product range. Adding new product ranges has meant improving the way products are managed and working with many interested parties.

Moving forward we will and are excited to continue to support Higherground and help them to grow and build their business any way we can.


If you would like us to help you too please don’t hesitate to get in touch!